Whats New in Flaxton?

The Memorial Hall Preservation & Restoration Committee has continued to the work of remodeling and repairing the kitchen. New sinks, cupboards, countertops, windows and a refrigerator have been installed. The project was made possible through funds raised and by significant memorials to Barney Cron that were earmarked for this purpose. The kitchen and meeting room are available for social and business gatherings.

Additional projects underway include the corrective landscaping around the foundation to assure the shedding of water away from the building, and installation of decorative gravel over barrier cloth to give the building a more groomed facade.

The committee continues to raise money and contributions are solicited. Funds can be sent to:

Jeannie Kalmbach
306 2nd Street E
Flaxton, ND 58737


MARK YOUR CALENDAR! On the last Sunday of every April, Flaxton has its Annual Dakota Musical Program. This is an annual fund raiser for the benefit of the Memorial Hall Maintenance and Preservation.


Crocus in the spring near Flaxton


View from the overpass at Flaxton

Construction Pictures

Pictures from the construction of the overpass at Flaxton......

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(updated 10/26/04)

The first phase of construction